Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Marinello School of Beauty is with OPI's newest color launched on November 10, 2010. On the G.L.O.W. (Glistening Lights of Wonder), a bold, red, shimmery shade, was developed by OPI exclusively for use by Marinello schools. The introduction of this color coincides with the 105th Anniversary of Marinello Schools of Beauty.

Each Marinello campus will have selected G.L.O.W.ologists, both students & instructors) who will serve as experts for On The G.L.O.W. services and products. For $19.05, guests can visit a Marinello campus to receive an On the G.L.O.W. manicure and a nail lacquer and matching lip gloss to take home. A G.L.O.W. facial and a body scrub special will also be available through the month of November.

To find a location near you visit or call 800.648.3413.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To Get The Look You Really Want

When going to the salon to have your hair done, whatever the service may be, communication is key. It's important for you to be able to express your desires in a way that your stylist understands exactly what you want. Any good stylist should know how to conduct a great consultation and give you realistic expectations of your end result, but I'm sure we've all seen or been the victim of hair gone wrong.

Here are some good tips to help you get exactly what you want:
*Bring in pictures
-It's always a good idea to show your stylist a clear visual of what you want instead of trying to just describe it.
*Show your stylist "your inch"
-An inch is an inch, but when it comes to hair people have very different opinions about what an inch really is. Show the stylist how much you really want cut and where your hair should fall after it's cut.
*Don't be afraid to speak up!
-If you have concerns about anything that the stylist is doing, say something. It's better to speak up before it's too late.
*Be honest about what you've done to your hair
-If you've had highlights in the past and then colored over them, the highlights are NOT gone! You may not be able to see them anymore, but that hair is still chemically altered and it can have a major effect on future chemical services.

And most importantly if you get home and realize that your hair didn't turn out exactly how you wanted, go back and let the stylist know. Most "problems" are easily corrected with no additional charge.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hair Rehab: Let's Take Shots!


No...not these kind of shots! Although they might make you forget about the damage to your hair for a while, they won't help you fix it.

Recently a friend of mine asked for my recommendation for a product that would restore her hair's condition. Her hair has been chemically treated and she is seeing the damaging effects it can have. Being a licensed cosmetologist herself, she knows how important it is use products that help restore the hair's condition and repair the damage.

Being the lover of Redken products that I am, I already use most of the products in their line. However, one product that I have been anxious to try is the Redken Chemistry line. This is an exclusive, professional in-salon service. Redken Chemistry is a deep conditioning treatment great for distressed hair. Distressed hair is weakend hair that has been physically changed in some way. There are two key types of hair distress:

•CHEMICAL DISTRESS: caused by overuse of chemical services such as haircolor, lightening, perming or straightening

•MECHANICAL DISTRESS: caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, curling and flat irons, and every day brushing

Redken Chemistry offers six “shots” that can be blended for truly personalized solutions:

•Extreme Shot Phase for distressed hair
•Color Extend Shot Phase for color-treated hair
•Clear Moisture Shot Phase for normal/dry hair
•All Soft Shot Phase for dry/brittle hair
•Smooth Down Shot Phasee for very dry/unruly hair
•Real Control Shot Phase for dense/dry/sensitized hair

For Jana's hair which is chemically distressed, I recommended Color Extend Shot Phase for color-treated hair.
This is applied to clean towel dried hair and left on for 3-5 minutes. Without rinsing the product from the hair the next step is to apply the Redken Chemistry Shot Phix. There are 2 different Shot Phix formulas. Again I recommend the formula for chemical distress.
Shot Phix is sprayed directly over the Shot Phase to lock in the treatment. Once the Shot Phix is applied the hair is then rinsed. If extra conditioning is required Color Extend Rich Recovery can be used or a similar product prescribed for your hair type.

To find a Redken salon that offers the Redken Chemistry system go to the Redken Salon Locator. While the Redken Chemistry system is an in-salon only treatment, your stylist can also recommend a product for at home maintenance. Remember that maintaining healthy hair is the key to beautiful looking hair.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Following Celebrity Hairstyles

If you want to know what styles are the current trend, look to the celebrities. Side swept hairstyles are the "in" thing right now and are as easy as pulling your hair to one side and pinning it in place. Whether your hair is straight or curly you can make this look work for you.

For a glamorous look suitable for formal occasions add curls with hot rollers to add lots of volume.


If you want a more casual look, use hot rollers to only create a slight curl which will give you a more relaxed look.


If you have naturally straight hair, make this look work for you by straightening hair with a blow dryer or flat iron. Make sure your hair is smooth and flat for a shine-inducing finish.


Another variation to this look is to add soft waves. Keeping the hair parted in the center will frame your face to show it off.


Make this simple style work for you by using different styling tools. This is the perfect look for parties, special occasions or any day! Remember great hair days can happen everyday!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tips for Dealing With Bad Hair Days!


Bad hair days happen even to the best of us, but you don't have to let them get the best of you. Here are some tips to help you deal with bad hair days:

Most stylists recommend that you don't wash your hair everyday. The natural oils are essential to maintain hair's moisture,but when your hair is just a little too dirty and you don't have time to shampoo try using a dry shampoo.

Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo by TIGI is a great product because it absorbs excess oils and gives hair a clean fresh scent. Spray throughout the hair to absorb oil and odor or spray just at the roots for volume and texture. Give it a minute and then brush or work it lightly through the hair.


Another great dry shampoo is Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Sexy Hair. This mineral and clay based dry shampoo creates volume as it absorbs impurities, excess oil and product build-up. No water necessary.

If you don't have a dry shampoo you can use hair spray. Lightly spray the roots with hair spray and then blow dry with a round brush. As you blow dry your hair some of the oil will evaporate with the hairspray. This will also help you to create volume.

Another great tip is to wear your hair pulled up. Tease hair at the roots to give a ponytail some volume or pull it back in a messy bun.


To create this look you'll need:
•2 elastics
•Bristled brush
•Anti-frizz product
Start by brushing your hair with a bristle brush to smooth tangles. Apply an anti-frizz product such as Redken 01 Outshine. Brush your hair into a ponytail and secure with the first elastic band. Wrap the ponytail around it's base and secure with the second elastic band. Tuck bobby pins into the back of the bun for added security. Use your fingers or the tail of a comb to pull some small strands of the bun. Spray lightly with hairspray to help keep it's shape. Add a cute headband to either style for a touch of color.

If you prefer to wear your hair down, you can run a flat iron over your hair to create a smooth look, or curl big sections to create messy waves. Twist sections around your hairline, pull them back and secure them with a bobby pin.

Don't let bad hair days get you down. Be creative and try new looks. If all else fails throw on your favorite hat! Check back soon for more great hair tips From A Stylist's Tip Jar.

Wishing you good hair days.....everyday!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shear Genius 3- "For the First Time I'm Scared to Death"


"For the First Time I'm Scared to Death"
March 3, 2010

For the shortcut challenge this week, the stylists must dry cut curly hair into a straight graduated bob.(Think Victoria Beckham)This is a haircut that is difficult for me when cut wet on straight hair. This week's guest judge is Moulay Yacoubi world class dry cutting instructor and master stylist. He will assess the stylist's skills to choose a winner for the shortcut challenge. The two stylists that impressed Moulay the least were Brig and April. April's bob had a lot of holes and was not styled straight like the challenge required. Moulay felt that Brig lost her hair cut when she kept cutting and cutting her model's hair shorter and called it a "disaster."

The dynamic duo Matthew & Janine are the top two styists once again. Moulay was impressed with Matthew's dry cutting technique, but really liked the way Janine styled and finished her model naming Janine the winner of this challenge. Janine will have first pick of her model in the elimination challenge.


For the Elimination Challenge, the stylists must transform military wives into pinup girls for a 40's style video to send to their husbands overseas. They must create 40's pin-up style using finger waves or pin curls. They are joined by Hollywood stylist and author Robert Vetica as the guest judge for this challenge. Each stylist will choose a photo of one of the husbands and that photo will pair them with their model. The stylist's models will be judged during the photo shoot.

The top two stylists in the elimination challenge were Brig and Matthew. The judges felt that Brig's look was polished, her color was inspired and completed the look perfectly. Matthew's style captured the essence of the 40's and the judges appreciated the risk he took. Only one of these stylists can be the winner and Brig pulls out her first win in an elimination challenge.

In the bottom 3 were Amy, April and for the first time in the bottom, Janine. The judges said that Amy's look wasn't a style and could not get past the fact that her model's color was grown out and brassy. April had a good concept, but the judges felf she didn't see it through. Janine's style had a lack of direction and was from wrong era. The stylist who impressed the judges the least was Amy and this was her final cut. Amy is sad to leave, but happy that she was a part of the show.

To see all the looks from this week's show visit the Bravo Photo Gallery and don't forget to tune in next week to see who get's cut and who's work is Shear Genius!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hair Flairs Give-Away!

Recently while browsing through all my facebook updates I came across one in particular that caught my attention. One of my friends became a fan of Hair Flairs. As a hairstylist I want to know all there is to know about hair and the current trends. Upon visiting their Facebook page I immediately became a fan! (Don't forget to become a fan as well)

Hair Flairs Reflective Highlights are glittery strands that add shimmer and sparkle to your hair. You simply tie them into your hair to add as much or as little "bling" as you want. You only need about 5 strands for an accent or approximately 10 strands for a full hairstyle. With so many colors to choose from the possibilities are endless. Hair Flairs can be worn everyday or for special occasions. Beyonce was seen wearing similar sparkling wisps at this years Grammy Awards.

Hair Flairs can be worn in the hair for 2-6 weeks. You can wash and blow dry your hair as usual while wearing them. And you can even use a curling iron or a flat iron while wearing Hair Flairs meaning you can style your hair however you choose.

I had the opportunity to try out Hair Flairs on my sister who really loved the way they look. We used Sparkling Gold Hair Flairs on her blonde hair to give it a subtle touch of sparkling highlight. For a more dramatic effect maybe she'll let me try Sparkling Royal Blue next time!


I'll have to admit that it wasn't easy at first, but after a few practice strands I quickly caught on. As the directions recommend, I tied them in her hair while it was wet to make it easier. When I finished she was able to blow dry her hair and the Hair Flairs were still in securely. I can't wait to try them on myself. Although it is not impossible to apply them to your own hair, it is a little difficult so I'll have to wait for someone to do it for me.

Hair Flairs, also known as: hair tinsel, hair shimmers, or hair bling was founded in March 2009. "Hair Flairs was founded with the mission of providing the best quality hair products at the most affordable price point." They are the only company in the United States that custom manufactures their own product line of Reflective Highlights. Visit their website for more information about the company or to place an order at

Since this is a product that I would personally use and recommend to others, I wanted to offer my readers the opportunity to try them. I contacted the company directly and recieved an e-mail from Hana Johnson, Manager at Hair Flairs. She was willing to send me some samples to try for myself as well as some to give-away! All you have to do for a chance to win is become a follower of my blog and leave a comment telling me why you want to try Hair Flairs. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday March 12. I will send out 1 Sparkling Gold and 1 Multi-Color package along with step-by-step instructions. A How-to Video
can also be found on the Hair Flairs website.


I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do. Have fun with them and see what kind of compliments you get while wearing them. As Hana put in her letter, "We hope you love wearing them and adding a little flair to your hair!" Good luck to all my readers!